"What amazed me the most was that there was an immediate beneficial effect. I believe that this helps me be less dependant on external factors- my own peace and freedom lies within me." - Karen Leith, England


“Mind Calm is a fantastic course that will allow you to choose freedom and have peace with your mind. Do it; you won't regret it!” - Tricia Mitchell, Sheffield, England


“Mind calm is a simple process than anyone can use, without any expensive paraphernalia just a small amount of time, but that has the potential to change ones life dramatically for the better.” - Carol Duckfield, Warwickshire, England


“Mind calm gives you freedom from fear and a truly successful life.” - Christine Sweeney, Durham, England


“Very quick to get started, equally good for beginners and long time meditators.” Margo Campbell, Birmingham England


“I love Mind Calm. It is so easy to do. It has brought me so much peace and I am so relaxed these days. Sandy teaches the techniques so well. I would recommend it to anyone. Especially to people who have found meditation difficult in the past, as I did.” - Verena Groom-White, York, England


“I have struggled with meditation for many years, and often ended up more tense than before I meditated! Not so with Mind Calm. As soon as you engage GAWWO, something wonderful happens inside your body - you begin to feel deep peace. The mind chatter fades away and hey presto - you experience your ever present inner peace.  I love this meditation technique and would whole heartedly recommend it to everyone.” Anita Young, Surrey, England


“I have thoroughly enjoyed both this mind calm and the mind detox online courses and will hopefully go on to do the Level 2. Thank you so much for sharing your expertise and knowledge. Namaste.” - Denise Mijatovic, Cumbria, UK


“Sandy's Mind Calm Course was taught in a very clear, simple and caring manner. It gave me all the knowledge and tools to be truly liberated from my mind - Bring it OM!” - Kate May, Ashby De La Zouch, England


“The online course was very comprehensive and clear. Thank you Sandy for sharing your wondrous gifts.” - Maya Carrington, Street, Somerset


“I like the fact there are no rules to this method of meditation and it works but practice is the key!” - Vivienne Davies, Oxford, England


“I am a reiki practitioner and often do reiki and guided meditations. Mind Calm is different I find that it helps calm me very quickly, the open eye technique is very effective, the ten minutes twice a day is much more doable in a busy lifestyle and its simple to follow. Overall in the few weeks since I have done the course I feel less stressed and more back to my old self.” - Aideen Lee, Leixlip Co Kildare


“I have found the online course (and book) very enlightening and more importantly very practical and effective. I have noticed in a few weeks that I am indeed much calmer, more alert and present in the moment. I was always so restless and I never really understood what this restlessness was or how to 'get rid of it'. Now, having done the Mind Calm course, I realise the restlessness stems from judging something (thought, feeling or emotion) as wrong and that needed fixing before I could be happy. Now I see the restlessness for what it is and I can make peace with it and let go of it - it is really quite mind blowing and also a very humbling experience. Thank you Sandy!” - Corina Siegel, Richmond, England


“Having tried for many years to mediate without success I have finally found a way to calm my constant chatting mind. The techniques that Sandy has shared are simple yet highly effective in achieving inner peace and calm. Having only tried the techniques for a short while I have already seen and felt a difference in my life. I feel much calmer and am looking forward to continuing with the techniques which I know will help me in every aspect of my life. Sandy has a friendly easy manner and has a natural ability to encourage anyone into meditation. This course and book is a must for anyone seeking peace with their mind. I cannot recommend it highly enough. Thank you Sandy.” - Ginny Cunningham, Llandudno Junction, Conway


“Once I started learning Mind Calm, I found a place of peace in my life almost immediately. It was surprising how easy it was and how naturally I fell into it, after attempting meditation many times in my life. I am very impressed. Sandy has such peace and serenity in his voice without speaking in traditional meditation "hushed tones" that I was instantly drawn to listening to him. I felt very much at peace just from the healing quality of his voice.” - Deb McBride, Brooklyn, USA


“I thoroughly enjoyed the Mind Calm level one workshop with Sandy. He explained the technique clearly and with so much passion it was hard not to be utterly inspired! I left the course feeling enthused and committed to making mind calm a part of my life.” - Kate Young, Rugeley, England


 “Awesome Sandy. I'm so honoured to have shared this experience with you. Thank you for your generosity of spirit. One thing that constantly sticks out for me is looking at the environment as a mirror to know and be assured of the benefits of meditation. I can only say that I have felt peace at a time when I have been dealing with a potentially serious illness, an acceptance of what is and I am certain that this has helped my body to heal and my mind...well....to calm. I feel joy and bliss at times. Others have noticed a difference in my energy, saying I seem like a different person, that I seem lighter. I believe that this is a way forward in life for me and I would love to be able to teach it so will be doing the Level II course. I meditate twice a day and use all the Mind Calm Thoughts. Something wonderful is to be had here and I'm going to embrace it! Thank you again.” - Elaine Beard, Derby, England


 “I have become so aware of how our thoughts create our reality and I wanted some peace with my mind. The judging, the worrying, the criticising (myself and others), the negative thoughts and I wanted to mediate and clear some space. Mind Calm is helping me with this and live a happier life.” Jo Dufty, Harbury, England


“As a human being you already know the answers to the big questions, but like me, you might have spend 20 years or more searching outside. Like a child not able to express an inner experience of something more. Sandy, thank you for all your work, thank you for giving me the words I so desperately needed. Therefore, I am convinced that we all share the same potential for love and greatness, that we are all powerful and capable of creating and living the life we love. The Mind Calm book is written, and the Online Course is delivered with such passion that it goes way beyond just selling a product. There is a genuine feeling, that Sandy really wants to help you live the life you love and you cannot help being inspired. Sandy, thank you for inspiring me.” - Iben S. Ehlers, Vienna, Austria


“What can I say .. thank you Sandy… After being on a road of self discovery for the past 20 years you have finally given me the key to peace with my mind. A tool that can free me instantly from so much inner suffering. I have understood the concept of- we are not the mind -and thought I had become the observer of the mind, however as I could not sustain the peace, i know I have been caught in a mind trap. This technique is quick and simple and I am using it. I love saying hello to my thoughts and emotions and making friends with them instead of trying to deny them or get rid of them ( which is impossible). Thanks Sandy, keep up this amazing work you are inspirational! I will be in touch about the gatherings!” - Elizabeth Kyriacou, Shepperton, England


“Having used meditation on and off for many years I have found Mind Calm to be a direct and simple explanation of the purpose, process and benefits of meditation. Sandy goes beyond the teaching of techniques and gives logical reasons and personal motivation to stick with the process.” - Sandra Paradis, Manasquan, USA


“This course has really changed the way I meditate - I have meditated for years and I have not found a real sense of peace with mind. Mind Calm brings a completely different view to meditation and is very simple which makes it so easy to bring into busy lives. I feel like I have found my true Self and have come home.Thank you so much Sandy. I am so excited to continue on this journey and look forward to exploring more with Mind Calm.” - Karen Pearson, Rugeley, England


“Mind Calm will give you the tools to experience the peace and bliss that you already are and always have been. Meditation is something everyone should experience, then there is always a choice from that moment on. Meditation is much more important and much more exciting than anything else! Sandy is an excellent teacher and communicates information in such a brilliant way.” - Alison Gordon, Ealing, England


“I discovered Mind Calm when I was at one of the darkest phases in my life and right after a trusted friend said "you need to start meditating." It's turned my life around. I knew within 2 minutes of hearing Sandy speak that I will be teaching this to as many people as I can and am looking forward to learning to become a coach. The Mind Calm Technique is so profound yet so simple to understand that I feel it should be taught to children as part of their standard education! Whether you consider yourself spiritual or not, we all want to be peaceful and happy. This course will help you get there. I thought it would shut my mind up but it's done better than that, it's stopped me fighting with myself. It is such a relief to genuinely feel that I can accept all aspects of me, even those niggling thoughts through engaging the techniques from Mind Calm. I can look in the mirror and see someone I know I can love again, in the truest sense of the word. In my daily life my relationships have improved, and I am finding that the right people are coming to me out of the blue at the right time and I can connect with people (especially in business) on a deep level (again, regardless of whether they're spiritual or not, we just connect). If I find a situation stressful I can dissolve the stress in minutes, and I've even noticed I am engaging the techniques automatically now. Now that's amazing.” - Janine Forder, Ballindalloch, Scotland