Beginners Guide To Mind Calm Meditation


Mind Calm is the modern-day meditation technique that can gives you 'peace with mind' and proves the secret to success is stillness.

Instead of having to stop your thoughts, change your emotions or perfect your life before you can enjoy serenity and success. Mind Calm can help you to access the inner states of calm, clarity, confidence and contentment - NOW. While also helping you to perform at your best, sleep better, access your intuition and creativity and connect with others.  

Join the thousands who've already benefited from this 3-Step Mind Calm meditation technique:

1) Engage GAAWO (by being Gently Alert with your Attention Wide Open)

2) Think a Calm Thought (there are 10 in total - all serving different beneficial purposes)

3) Re-engage GAAWO (by being Gently Alert with your Attention Wide Open).

Having done the three steps, you then just hang out for a while remaining gently alert until you notice that you've been off thinking other thoughts - at which point you then repeat the three steps. 

"At last! A simple yet deeply profound meditation technique that isn't based in all sorts of concepts around karma, past lives and thinking that 'enlightenment' is some far off place that may take us forever to arrive at. Discovering the simplicity of the Mind Calm approach is proving to be truly liberating for me.  It's all about relaxing into our essential nature in the most elegant way. I'm feeling so much more relaxed and happy since starting Mind Calm. I recommend it wholeheartedly to anyone who has a mind!" Emma Pears, England

Although Mind Calm is simple, the benefits of this meditation technique are boundless. To learn the basics now, watch the 8-minute video below - which is an extract from the 12-part Calmology video series found inside the Calm Clan. In the video I introduce you to the 3 steps. More detailed instructions for Mind Calm can be found within my Calm Clan. If you want to get the best results possible from using Mind Calm then I high recommend you join - your first month is free! 

Once you've watched the video, you can also experience a complete Mind Calm Sitting by checking out the Guided Mind Calm Meditation Sitting within the FREE MEDITATIONS area of this website.