3 Questions You Should Ask Before Meditating


You wouldn't be here if you didn't have a sneaky suspicion that meditation can help you. And you're right! Meditation has been used for thousands of years and for a million reasons. From simple stress-relief, staying healthy, getting a good night's sleep to full-on spiritual awakening, meditation offers a very very long list of benefits. Yet despite this, a very small proportion of the population actually maintain a regular meditation routine.

Here's 3 questions everyone should ask before meditating - which can give clarity on why you want to bother in the first place. Along with the all-important motivation to meditate that you need if you are going to gain and maintain the big benefits possible. 

1 -  If you could have absolutely anything, what would you wish for? 

Having asked this question to thousands of people around the world, I've been fascinated to observe the same answers coming up time and time again: peace, happiness, contentment, truth, joy, love, confidence and freedom. Can you relate to any of these? What would you ask for if you could have absolutely anything? Your answer to this question is what I call your 'hearts highest hope' and knowing what you ultimately want is vital, if you are going to get it - sooner rather than later.

(Note, if you answer this question with 'more money', 'better health' or to 'meet my soulmate' for example, ask 'Why do I want these things?'.  You will usually find that the higher level hope is an inner experience, similar to the ones listed above.)

 2 - How much of your day is dedicated to what you ultimately want?


When I was first asked this question, my answer of 'not much time at all' hit me right between the eyes. I mean, I'd just said that my hearts highest hope, the thing I'd wish for if I could have absolutely anything, was  'peace'. Yet despite that, I was investing next to no time in experiencing peace. Quite shockingly, next to none of my day was dedicated to my hearts highest hope. Instead, I was busy making (and spending) money, working on my health or sorting out my relationships, for example. I was doing a million and one things, except any regular practice that could bring me proper peace.

 3 - Why is more of your day not dedicated to what you ultimately want?

Good question!  Why isn't it? Again, when I was asked this my answer was 'Eh, I'm kinda busy right now'. But here's the thing, I was busy doing loads of stuff so that I could eventually get everything sorted so I could finally enjoy some peace! With the recognition, I could see my priorities were completely back to front. Not only that, but by investing in experiencing peace (or insert your Hearts Highest Hope here), then I would be much more effective at all the rest of the stuff I had to do, while also getting to enjoy the day-to-day journey. 

Everything that you’ve been successful at has taken time, commitment and perseverance. You may need to practice meditation to get good at it and bring about the inner shifts required to experience what you ultimately want and see changes reflected in your life. Decide now to get started and then not quit by persisting until you succeed at experiencing your hearts highest hope on an on-going basis.

In this short video extract from the Calmology foundation course (found inside the Calm Clan), I share more about the 3 questions you should ask before meditating - which can help you to get super clear on your motivation to meditate. I hope you find it helpful.