What will life be like if you lived without limits?

Where you once saw problems, you see possibilities. Things that used to prevent you, empower you. Feelings that once stopped you, fuel your health and wealth. Confusion is replaced by clarity and concern is replaced by calm. Instead of being governed by your mind, you are the master of it. Fear falls away and you move fearlessly through life. Sound too good to be true? The HERO doesn’t listen the mind when it says this kind of life isn’t possible. The HERO persists until they succeed.

BE HERO NOW offers a unique opportunity to start walking what’s been known for centuries as ‘The Path of the Hero’. Sandy is known for sharing ancient wisdom with a modern-twist. You can expect your time with him to be both deeply enjoyable and enlightening. You will leave knowing how the HERO handles anything that comes their way and with an excitement for life - from knowing your purpose for being born.