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How to Prevent the Common Cold and Flu (Or Heal Quicker)

The peak season for catching the common cold or flu is nearly upon us. So if you are reading this when first published, you still have time to be proactive in preventing either this year. Or if you happen to be a bit late and are already reaching for the Kleenex, then there are still things you can do to heal quicker and reduce the odds of the next onset. The information shared within this article could save you time, money and discomfort, so it's worth investing a few minutes in reading it!

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Emotional Causes of Conditions Relating to the Organs of the Body

Do you have a health problem that relates to one or more of the organs of your body? Such as high/low blood pressure (that relates to the heart) or a skin condition like psoriasis or eczema? Due to the scientifically proven mind-body connection, your physical condition may have some kind of mental or emotional cause…

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