Placebo Effect: The Most Scientifically Proven Way To Heal?

  • Do you have a health condition that you want to help heal?

  • Have you heard about the placebo effect, but dismissed it in the past as ‘just the placebo’?

  • Do you worry that you won’t heal if you know something is a placebo?

  • Is the nocebo effect negatively impacting your current health?

  • Would you like to learn ways to harness your inborn powers to heal and stay healthy?

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The most scientifically proven way to heal…

Evidence of how our mind can heal the body is the global phenomenon known as the placebo effect. A placebo  is a substance with no known medical effects, such as sterile water, saline solution, or a sugar pill. This placebo effect happens when, for example, a person takes a fake pill believing it is the real pill, but ends up getting better anyway. In the many thousands of documented cases worldwide, it is clearly the person’s inner belief and/or expectation that the pill will work, not the ingredients of the fake drug, that causes physical healing to occur.

Over the years, the placebo effect has split opinion. I urge you to never dismiss it as “just the placebo”, which I often hear said. In reality, the placebo is by far the most researched form of “medicine” on the planet because every pharmaceutical drug has been tested against a placebo. In other words, a placebo is always used when testing whether a new drug is effective enough to warrant being produced and used by the medical profession.

If the placebo effect wasn’t real or relevant, it wouldn’t be necessary for pharmaceutical companies to test their drugs against it. The placebo effect is proven and there is actually much more evidence available proving its power to heal than for any other drug available on the market today. This means that your innate ability to heal – when doing something that you believe will cause healing – is very real and powerful.

What do you believe will help you to heal and be healthy?

I invite you to consider this question now. Were you told growing up that an apple a day keeps the doctor away? Do you believe walking every day will help your body to move into better health? Do you believe an occasional few minutes of deep and balanced breathing gives the body the oxygen it needs to be well? Do you believe meditating can help you to destress and give your body the rest it needs to do its healing work? Do you believe drinking plenty pure water is a positive preventative medicine? Do you believe laughing often can go a long way towards helping you to live a longer healthier life?


Although these may sound like simple examples, if you believe they will help you then you can start to intentionally harness the power of the scientifically proven placebo effect to have a positive impact upon your health. The key to harnessing the placebo effect is the quiet inner expectation that ‘this is going to help me’. So whatever you do, whether it’s watching movies that make you laugh or sitting down to meditate, do it with the intention thatthis will help me’ and it, as far as the research goes, often will.

I believe Mind Detox helps to activate the placebo effect…

Over the past 15 years I’ve used my Mind Detox method with people from around the world to help them to discover and resolve the possible mind-based causes of their health conditions. I’ve seen so many people heal that I am convinced by the power of the method. But what gives the method its power? A few years ago I came to the humbling realisation that it was not only my method that was helping people, but also the placebo effect.

The first question of my Mind Detox method is: ‘What event in my life is the cause of my [health] problem, the first event that, when resolved, will cause the problem to disappear.? If I were to know, what age was I?” At first glance, this question appears to only aim to help you to find the age of a life event that may have led to your current condition. But on deeper examination, the question also helps to activate the placebo effect. If you engage the question with the intention: ‘If I find an problematic past event and resolve it, then my body will heal’, then you are activating the power of the placebo effect to aid your physical healing.

Can it still work if I know it might be a placebo?

Yes. I often hear people saying that they don’t think the placebo will work for them if they know it’s a placebo. This has not been found to be true. Studies have actually shown that even if patients are told that they are receiving a ‘fake drug’ it still works. So there’s no need to worry about it. Knowing something is a possible placebo won’t reduce its positive effect. As long as you believe it can offer healing benefit, it can.

I believe the placebo effect plays a part in the power of my Body Calm and Calm Cure techniques, too. They are also ways to activate our inner healer. I don’t see it as a bad thing that my techniques activate the placebo effect. Far from it. If they help people to heal does it really matter what is doing the healing? If it is the method or our placebo power? My ego would obviously love it to be ‘my method’, but in reality, as long as healing happens I don’t care if it’s the placebo effect. I only care that the healing is happening. Would you agree?

Be mindful of your negative expectations…

On a side note, just as powerful is the nocebo effect. The nocebo is the polar opposite of the placebo, whereby a person’s beliefs and expectations play a role in them getting sick and, in some cases, even dying! I used to believe I would “catch a cold” a couple of times every winter and guess what, I did! Largely because I was raised to believe that a cold was something I could ‘catch’. Then one day I came across some compelling evidence that proved to me that it was actually impossible to catch a cold and, guess what, I’ve never caught one since. Is this a coincidence? I don’t believe so. Finding my nocebo’s and harnessing the placebo effect has been a powerful form of preventative medicine for me over the past few years.


On a more serious nocebo note, have you ever heard about people being told that they only have a finite time to live, say three months, and they’ve ended up dying three months to the day of the terminal diagnosis? Is this a coincidence? Again, I don’t believe so. In one nocebo case I heard about, the person was misdiagnosed with a terminal condition and informed they only had a few weeks to live. They were then informed that their condition was actually treatable and not terminal, but died anyway – when they were originally told they would. I believe it was their belief in the first diagnosis that played a significant role in their premature death: a sad example of beliefs becoming the body.

Help you inner healer to perform miracles…

Dismissing the placebo is caused by the conditioning that we’ve received growing up. This conditioning makes us believe that we are helpless to heal without some kind of externally sought medical treatment. Don’t forget, the placebo effect is the most scientifically researched and proven way to heal on the planet. You want to find a placebo that works for you and use it. After all, placebos have less negative side-effects and help - rather than harm - the body. Obviously, keep working with doctors and don’t throw your drugs in the trash. To some extent, your medical drugs are also benefiting from the placebo effect. I always encourage integrative medicine, which uses modern medicine and mind-body-soul connection cures for treating all possible causes of conditions.

My intention today is to leave you with a greater sense of authority over your physical destiny - by knowing you have an inner healer that can perform miracles. And when it comes to harnessing the power of the placebo effect, I invite you to believe less in staying sick and more in all the things you are doing to heal and stay healthy.

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