Emotional Causes of Conditions Relating to the Organs of the Body


Do you have a health problem that relates to one or more of the organs of your body? Such as high/low blood pressure (that relates to the heart) or a skin condition like psoriasis or eczema? Due to the scientifically proven mind-body connection, your physical condition may have some kind of mental or emotional cause. To help your body heal, it can therefore be highly beneficial to adopt an integrative self-healing strategy that takes account of what's happening in your mind, body and life.

The body speaks the mind is highly symbolic ways - often presenting physical symptoms in the areas of your body that serve particular purposes, with these functions reflecting what’s happening in your mind and life. As a result, to explore the possible mind-based cause of conditions relating to the organs of your body, you first need to understand the functions of the organ in question and then explore the possible mental and emotional issues that symbolically relate to the organ function.

Organs Guide

Here is a quick guide listing the common mind-based causes of issues relating to organs of the body: 

BLADDER (Function: Retention)

Common mind-based causes: Grief, loss, fear, irritable, controlled, no control, hoarding, unwilling to let go

GALLBLADDER (Function: Separation)

Common mind-based causes: Abandoned, alone, isolated, clinginess, stagnated, stuck, unable to separate good from bad

GLANDS (Function: Homeostasis) 

Common mind-based causes: Unstable, insecure, status quo challenged, unsettled, fear of the unknown, worrisome news, anxiety

HEART (Function: Circulation)

Common mind-based causes: Blocked, disconnected, hurt, closed to aspects of self, overwhelmed, out of flow with life

LARGE INTESTINE (Function: Excretion)

Common mind-based causes: Attachment, holding on, blocked, fear, stuck in your ways, lack mentality 

LIVER (Function: Purification) 

Common mind-based causes: Negativity, anger, overloaded, sluggish 

LUNGS (Function: Life Force)

Common mind-based causes: Unsupported, scared, sadness, fear of death, restricted, suffocated

KIDNEYS (Function: Processing) 

Common mind-based causes: Overthinking, fear, shock, unresolved, unsettled, unable to process certain event(s) 

PANCREAS (Function: Sweetness) 

Common mind-based causes: Numb, bored, joyless, taking on parents problems, frequently feeling let down, lacking compelling purpose

SKIN (Function: Protection)

Common mind-based causes: Attacked, anger, fear, separate, alone, self-critical, negativity towards self

SMALL INTESTINE (Function: Absorption) 

Common mind-based causes: Overwhelmed, unfed by life, unworthy of nourishment, rejection, resisting, unable to absorb what's happened

SPLEEN (Function: Protection)

Common mind-based causes: Powerless, defenceless, insecure, anxiety, inner conflict, defences up

STOMACH (Function: Digestion)

Common mind-based causes: Incapable, fear, unable to comprehend or process, resisting indigestible event(s), anger, something eating away at you.  

By offering this guide I am not saying that all organ-related conditions have a mind-based cause. However, when you can interpret the many meaningful messages coming from your body via the conditions it creates, you are able to be proactive in taking the necessary steps to resolve the possible underlying cause(s) - rather than only treat the surface-level physical symptoms.