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Learn the primary principles and techniques of Calmology

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This free Calmology foundation course teaches you the primary principles and techniques for clearing and calming your mind, healing the hidden causes of health issues and transforming your relationship with life for personal freedom and genuine life success.

Why do this Calmology course?

  • Get Clear with Mind Detox. Clear your mind of the hidden 'stuff' that's been holding you back, negatively impacting your health and happiness and limiting your life potential.

  • Be Calm with Mind Calm. Stop over-thinking about the past or future, reduce anxiety, be present, get 'peace with mind' and discover why stillness is the secret to success. 

  • Stay Well with Body Calm. Give your body the rest it needs to recover, cleanse mind-body connection communications and heal the beliefs causing you to relate to life in an unhealthy way.

  • Live Free with Calm Cure. Improve your health, life and world by transforming unconscious conflict into inner calm, and gaining the priceless skill of 'peace with' the full spectrum of life possibilities.

Why Free?

Previously exclusive to Calm Clan members, Sandy made this introductory course freely accessible - so everyone can discover the big benefits of Calmology.

This 8-part video course by Sandy takes around 4 hours to complete and is a brilliant way to begin your journey with Calmology. You need a password to access the course. Please scroll down to sign up for immediate access. Already signed up and got the password? Click below to watch the videos now. 



8 Part Foundation Course


Mind Calm

Meditation for 'Peace With Mind'



From Stress to Serenity



From Upset to Upbeat


Body Calm

Meditation for Healing & Health



From Helpless to Healed


Mind Detox

For Resolving the Root Causes



From Unforgiven to Free


Calm Cure

For Peace With Any Life Issue

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Start your free trial of Sandy's Calm Clan for more online courses and the guidance you need to fully benefit from the principles and techniques. 

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