Sandy C. Newbigging offers Calmology-based training courses that provide real business benefits. Enabling you to give the best meditation and coaching support to your people and in return, get the best from your people.

CALMOLOGY combines uniquely powerful meditation and coaching principles and techniques for performing at your best during work and play. By training as a Corporate Calmology Coach you are able to teach others the enjoyable and effective Calmology Meditation techniques for creating ‘mind mastery’. Also deliver Calmology Coaching for ‘detoxing the mind’ by discovering and resolving the hidden mind-based causes of any issues that are impacting personal peace and business performance.

This unique training course equips the Calmology Coach with very rare and valuable insight and skills. You can make you more money through increased performance, better decision making, enhanced creativity and by building better relationships within your organisation and with your customers. Corporate Calmology can also save you money by reducing the time team members are off on paid-sick-leave with stress-related illnesses, by lowering the occurrences of costly mistakes and by giving you happier more focused and loyal people in your organisation that don't just want to stay, but are inspired to do their jobs better, year on year. 


Studies show the average person is caught up in, and distracted by, their busy mind for approx. 50% of the day. Calmology Meditation enables anyone to:

  • Improve their ability to be fully-focused, productive and creative

  • Experience more clarity-of-mind and make better decisions

  • Worry less, remain resilient during challenging times and stay positive

  • Significantly reduce the likelihood of wellbeing issues such as anxiety, depression, fatigue and stress-related chronic illness

  • Discover how self-awareness and inner calm sit at the heart of personal wellbeing, happiness, positive living and high performance working

  • Cultivate ‘mind mastery’ whereby you can ‘pick up the mind’ and use it as a powerful tool, then ‘put the mind down’ to return to focused calm

  • Modern-day meditation techniques can all be used with eyes open or closed – meaning the benefits can be gained anytime, anywhere.

Sandy was one of the key speakers at the TMA UK conference. I was amazed at his ability to handle the audience. You could hear the relaxation of nearly 200 people with what appears to be a simple technique – control your mind don’t let it control you! When I get to stressful situations I use his advice and feel calmer and energised.
— Ian Gray, TMA UK Conference Chairman


Most people are so busy trying to deal with, and treat, the symptoms of their problems that they never find and fix the underlying causes.  Calmology Coaching enables you to:

  • Quickly assess an individual to establish what’s really going on for them and provide the most appropriate meditation and/or coaching solutions

  • ‘Detox the mind’ of the most common underlying causes of performance issues including negative beliefs and emotions and unconscious conflict

  • Apply systematic techniques that are proven to resolve issues in a quick and comfortable way.

The value of having in-house Calmology Coaches is significant. It allows your company to give the best internal support to its people and in return get the best from its people. A less-stressed and calmer organisation also saves money because happier people tend to be healthier people too.


Mind Calm Corporate will help you get these big benefits by dramatically increasing the 'Present Moment Performance' (PMP) of everyone that we work with within your organisation.  PMP is what your organisation needs to be successful.  You need every person to be performing at their best; with a clear head, focused attention, positive mindset and in a stress-free state.  If your team lacks these inner foundations for success, business suffers.

What's price is your business paying for mental congestion, physical fatigue and a lack of mind calm?  By increasing PMP, your organisation will benefit now and in the future.  

Many business training courses and coaching programmes fail to deliver upon their promises because they treat the symptoms of the problems instead of the underlying mind-based causes.  Your team may possess the knowledge and skills to do their jobs, but if they aren't fulfilling their potential then it means their mind is getting in the way.  


Mind Calm Corporate is less about WHAT to think and more about HOW to think. People learn how to use their mind more effectively and efficiently, so that they get more done, with less stress. With a mindset of 'progress not problems', your team will evolve beyond a 'problem-based perspective' to what we call a 'progressive performance perspective' - in which they stop viewing things as problems and utilise every challenge they face to propel them towards peak performance.  They will gain the ability to focus their attention on the tasks at hand and deliver at a far superior standard than compared to if they were fighting against physical burnout or mental congestion and fatigue.

You know how much more effective you are when you can think straight. 

Mind Calm Corporate is able to be taught to groups in training course settings or to individuals via personal coaching.  If you want to give yourself, your teams and/or key people a new kind of training and coaching that gets to the heart of peak performance - then contact us.



The Calmology Coach training course will usually cover:

  • The benefits of meditation (including supporting research)

  • The hidden causes of a busy mind / over-thinking

  • How to be your best with immediate mind calm anytime anywhere

  • How to meditate using the Calmology Meditation techniques

  • What happens when you meditate and why

  • How to remain calm and present in challenging times

  • Why inner stillness is the secret to outer success

  • How to improve your emotions, relationships, work, money and time

  • How to coach using the Calmology ‘Mind Detox’ Coaching technique

  • How to resolve the ‘root-cause’ for lasting positive change

  • Directory of the most common causes of stress-related issues

  • Additional mind calm exercises to boost the benefits.


Sandy C. Newbigging is a coaching and meditation expert, multi-bestselling author (including Mind Calm and Body Calm) and creator of Calmology. Sandy’s work has appeared globally on television, he is an award-winning speaker/trainer and he has worked with countless individuals from business leaders to celebrities over the last 15 years. His meditation techniques are the first that Champneys Health Resorts have recommended since 1925. He has meditated and coached for thousands of hours; enabling him to train from a deep ‘real world’ understanding and pass on the key knowledge and skills in a practical and enjoyable way.

'Body Calm is one of the best meditation books’ LONDON EVENING STANDARD

‘Sandy is pioneering mind-body detox’ THE TIMES

Sandy will deliver the training or coaching programmes you opt for and will work personally with you to ensure your business gets what it needs to succeed.

Let Sandy Newbigging and Calmology be the new beginning your business needs to be more successful - because let's face it - there's a lot to be said about doing something new if you want to get new results. 


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