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Do you have a health, money, relationship or career problem that just won't go away? 

In Calm Cure, I explain that most of us are so preoccupied with trying to deal with the symptoms of our issues that we never get around to discovering and resolving the underlying cause. Discover:

  • The surprising hidden causes of your health and life problems

  • Why other things you've done to create positive change haven't worked long-term

  • Why you keep recreating the same patterns over and over again

  • The 3-step Calm Cure technique to help your body heal and improve key areas of life, including emotions, relationships, career, finances and more.

Including a directory listing the most common mind-based causes of 101 physical conditions. Calm Cure will empower you to move freely towards greater health, wealth, happiness and success, while being a positive presence in the world. 




‘Imagine our planet free of war. Imagine your life free of conflict. World peace is possible through inner peace in each of us. I am deeply inspired by Sandy's pioneering work with Mind Calm, Body Calm and now Calm Cure.’

Robert Holden PhD, author of Happiness Now!


‘Sandy encourages us to stop fighting ourselves and life. The inner peace that this leads to will manifest as outer peace in both our physical bodies and the wider world. What could be more relevant nowadays than that?’

Charlie Morley, author of Dreams of Awakening


‘Calm Cure introduces you to exceptional tools to stimulate healing of your mind, body and soul.’

Phil Parker, author of The Lightening Process


‘In today’s changing world this is a must-read for those committed to living a peaceful, grounded life.’

Rebecca Campbell, author of Light Is The New Black


‘Sandy shows that once we remove our inner conflict we are better able to have great relationships, success
in our careers, an abundance of money, more time and even impact the wider world in a more honest, real and powerful way. I wholeheartedly recommend this book!’

David R Hamilton PhD, author of How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body


‘Calm Cure is a beautiful oasis of relief for the restless and frustrated mind, as it brings about resolution to the hidden conflicts that keep us from living in harmony, happiness and peace. Reading it is a gift to your spirit and will lead you to creating all that your heart truly desires.’

Sonia Choquette, author of Your 3 Super Powers


‘Calm Cure guides us to release what we are convinced that we want in order to receive so much more of
what we actually need. There’s an abundance and a flow that wants to move through us and inform our actions, and Sandy shows us the way to unlock it.’

Meggan Watterson, author of How To Love Yourself


‘Sandy does it again, but more deeply and profoundly than ever before. This book gets to the heart of the matter and allows you to go deeper into your true natural state of beingness, and becoming free of emotional and physical conflict. The world needs to read this book!’

Joseph Clough, author of Be Your Potential


Sandy C. Newbigging is the creator of the Mind Detox, Mind Calm, Body Calm and Calm Cure techniques - collectively known as Calmology. He has written several bestselling books, including Heal the Hidden Cause, Life Detox, Mind Calm and Body Calm (which was listed as one of the best meditation books by the London Evening Standard). His work has been seen on a number of TV channels including Discovery Health.

Sandy was recently commended by the Federation of Holistic Therapists as Tutor of the Year, called ‘The Mind Maestro’ by Psychologies magazine and described by Yoga Magazine as ‘one of the best meditation teachers around’.

Calm Cure draws on his thousands of hours of personal meditation and thousands of hours of clinical practice.

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