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Sandy's Community is your online space for benefiting massively from meditation and waking up to the best life with Calmology. 

If you are interested in meditation, self development and/or spiritual awakening then you will love the Calm Community!

Each month you will receive the guidance you need to consistently improve your meditation practice, be able to ask Sandy questions and receive advice on any life issue(s), meditate with people from around the world via the weekly online meetings, learn with the monthly online workshop PLUS have unlimited access to 100+ hours of teaching videos.

Whether you want to benefit from meditation, improve how you feel, enjoy better relationships, perform at your best during work and play or gain mental or spiritual clarity, then the Calm Community is the best online space to be.


Your Calm Community subscription includes:



Every week inside the Calm Community there is an online Meditation Gathering with Sandy and his team of Calm Coaches. Your opportunity to meditate with others, keep momentum with your practice, ask your questions and get the clarity you need to benefit big time from meditation.


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Inside the Calm Community you get unlimited access to Sandy's Mind Calm, Body Calm, Calm Cure and Mind Detox online courses (that cost £149 each in the online shop). You can also watch the Calmology foundation course, which covers how to apply Sandy's techniques to your thoughts, emotions, health, relationships, career, finances and more.


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Inside the Calm Community you can also access a growing library of guided meditations that are exclusive to members - covering a range of themes including self-healing, clarity, love, and abundance.




As a Calm Community member you can also join Sandy for his online Monthly Workshop when he dives deeper and shares more about how to apply his life-changing principles and techniques to all aspects of you life. Sandy is also often joined by guest experts for these workshops (many of them Hay House bestselling authors!)




As a Calm Community member you can also access exclusive bonuses including up to 50% discounts on live and online events, one-to-one coaching and Sandy's books and albums. So if you want to benefit from meditation, master your emotions, perform at your best and gain mental or spiritual clarity, the Calm Community is what you've been looking for.


Then £10.80 ($14.00 approx) per month. Cancel any time.



A few words from Sandy ...

I started the Calm Community after observing the need for on-going guidance, support and community when practicing meditation and making positive changes that improve health, happiness and life success. Since then, the community has grown to become a 'global movement of stillness' with members reporting big benefits from CALM and being part of the unique and special online community.

You have nothing to lose (because your first 30 days are free) and everything to gain (because the principles and techniques are proven to work) ... so give it a go by subscribing today.


Bonni Smith, USA

"In a short time CALM has made a profound impact upon my life. Things that used to be a problem aren't anymore. I've been given a promotion at work and feel excited when in the past I would have been anxious." 


Peggy Stare, USA

"Within the first two months of practicing CALM I noticed my persistent fearful thoughts had almost disappeared. I've tried many techniques but CALM is the first practice I've been successful in finding my true self and it's really easy!"


Alison Taylor, UK

"Learning CALM has completely changed my experience of life. I no longer suffering constant back pain and I have never felt more free, joyful and calm."


James Christopher, UK

"For years my mind controlled me and now I feel in control. I've overcome years of intermittent depression and high levels of stress, anxiety and panic attacks. It's so empowering!"


Jean Maslen, UK

"I spent over 60 years suffering with fear and anxiety. I've now discovered that my past doesn't have to rule my present or future. I've made up for lost time and now live a happier, calmer and fuller life." 

Maya Carrington, UK

"My body feels healthier, my relationships have improved immensely and through learning CALM I have come home to my true self and found a joy that I didn't know existed."

Then £10.80 ($14.00 approx) per month. Cancel any time.