Here’s what our members are saying about the Calm Clan:

Sandy's work, works! From a deeply depressed person to someone who loves life! His work changed my life!

Faith Canter, Portugal

 “Being a member of the Calm Clan has changed my life for the better. I am more at peace with myself than ever before.

Nan Wilson, UK 

Sandy’s work is a must for anyone who wishes more peace and happiness - don’t miss out!

Kate May, UK 

My life is now filled with peace and joy having been transformed after committing to using the Calm meditations daily. The Calm Clan is a wonderful, supportive community.

Caroline Lightfoot, UK  

I’ve found the Calm Clan to be the best online community for spiritual growth and resources. Sandy gives so much of himself and makes you feel like you matter and that you’re a friend.

Pamela Lyell, Australia 

If you want to break free from your mind, live life in the now and start to live life more joyfully then I recommend Calm Clan. It is life changing.

Paula Thorne, UK 

I consider Sandy to be one of the top mentors around today transmitting amazing teachings to heal us in our mind, body and spirit in such a simple yet profound way. Sandy's way of teachings are straightforward, gentle compassionate and does not interfere with any current modality you may be following. Sandy's taught me I don't have to run to a mountaintop to find nirvana. I can find it right inside of me where ever I am at any moment.

Bonni Smith, USA 

Since joining Calm Clan 15 months ago, I haven't looked back. I’ve gained so much and it's now integrated into all of my life. I have an inner calm that I never experienced before. I have learned how to have peace with life and it's amazing. I recommend it whole-heartedly.

Sandy Tanner, UK 

Since discovering Sandy’s Calmology teachings my life has changed in so many ways! I'm calmer and clearer and I've experienced unconditional love for the first time ever.

Yvonne Lewis, UK 

Calm Clan helped me through a very difficult time in my life. It helped me to feel supported, heal emotional pain, and increase peacefulness. Sandy is an amazing teacher and provides an enormous amount of content.

Donna G , USA 

Being part of a movement of people that face the realities of life head-on with stillness, using simple tools and clear teachings, makes each day a curious and exciting adventure. Calm Clan is a place to be safely open, vulnerable and loved in an inclusive bunch of non-judging people from across the globe.

Kathryn Sassall, UK 

The experience of learning to meditate with Mind Calm and Body Calm has been life changing for me. It's opened up a whole world for me and I feel so much happier and connected.

Clare Sawtell, Ireland  

Calm Clan has a wonderful array of resources for finding more joy and calm in your life. Sandy is a friendly teacher and generously shares a wealth of knowledge on this website. Highly recommended.

Helen Smith, UK

Since meditating regularly with the Calm Meditation my life has improved in thousands of ways. I’m so much more relaxed and happy. I laugh and enjoy life more. The time spent with my now three year old daughter is full of fun, creativity and laughter.

Frauke Paetsch, Germany