Welcome to the modern-day meditations and life mentoring that you’ve been looking for. No jargon, no strict rules, no uncomfortable sitting positions and absolutely no judgement as to where you’re at. Inside the Calm Clan you’ll learn and use Sandy’s Calmology, which combines his Mind Calm and Body Calm meditation and Calm Cure and Mind Detox mentoring techniques - for consistent inner calm, holistic health, emotional wellness and personal success.



Simple, easy-to-learn and fun ways to meditate that stop the constant chatter in your mind, provide clarity, help you to perform at your best, worry less, heal faster, sleep better, improve relationships, and feel more calm, confident and content anytime.

Mind Calm is the modern-day meditation technique that proves the secret to success is stillness. You will stop over-thinking, be present, cultivate states of being such as peace and love and ultimately enjoy peace with your mind.

Body Calm is the powerful meditation technique that helps your body to heal and stay healthy. It gives you the rest you need to recover, cleans up your mind-body connection communications and cultivates a healthier belief system that promotes rather than postpones your readiness for radiant health.


After over fifteen years of research and thousands of hours of clinical practice and personal meditation, Sandy has discovered that toxic thinking, unresolved past ‘stuff’ and inner conflict are the root causes of many physical, emotional and life problems.

Mind Detox is Sandy’s globally-used technique that discovers and resolves the root causes of chronic conditions and persistent problems. If something negative is happening in your body or life, and you don’t know why, then Mind Detox can help you to stop treating surface-level symptoms by healing the hidden cause.

Calm Cure clarifies and calms the unconscious conflict(s) that can also be causing physical, emotional and life problems and has the power to give you an unshakable ‘peace with life’. Meaning, you can stay calm, irrespective of what happens during daily life.