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This guided meditations programme has been specially designed to help you to experience the serenity and success that come from thinking less.  Using brain-wave background music that can help you to enter a meditative state, this programme consists of 13 minute guided Mind Calm Sitting and 10 x 3 minute (approx.) meditations focusing on experiencing the positive intentions at that sit at the heart of the Calm Thoughts included in the technique.   To help you get the best results possible, I've shared exclusive content below including a visual diagram of the Calm Thoughts, a reminder how to meditate using the technique, a secret bonus track, along with articles and videos that I recommend you check out to deepen your understanding on the purpose and principles of Mind Calm. I hope you enjoy the boundless benefits of Mind Calm!


Mind Calm Diagram

Mind Calm Steps

Step 1: Engage GAAWO - Be Gently Alert with your Attention Wide Open.

Step 2: Calm Thought - Think a Calm Thought.

Step 3: Engage GAAWO - Be Gently Alert with your Attention Wide Open.

Always begin using Mind Calm by engaging GAAWO. Then once you are gently alert with your attention wide open, think one of the Calm Thoughts. As soon as you have thought the Calm Thought, let go the thought and focus point by returning to GAAWO. Rest in calm conscious awareness until you notice that you’ve been thinking about something, then repeat the three Steps. Simple! 

Mind Calm Webinar 

This video includes a 60 minute introduction to Mind Calm Meditation by Sandy C. Newbigging.  It offers a great overview of the the benefits and background of Mind Calm and how changing your relationship with your mind can lead to more serenity and success in your life. 

Useful Mind Calm Videos

Secret Mind Calm Meditations Track 

Surrender sits at the heart of Mind Calm Meditations.  By surrender, I'm not referring to waving a white flag or giving up, but the ability to let go.  Thinking is a habit, and the more you think, the more you will feel compelled to think.  So to get the best results from Mind Calm, you need to be willing to withdraw your attention from the movement of your mind to instead place it upon the on-going presence of still silent consciousness within.  

When recording Mind Calm Meditations I wanted to give you as much as I possibly could, however, when it came to the final edit we ran out of space on the CD.  To make sure you still benefited, please play/download the secret track that was intended for the end of the album. Please note, as it was intended as a secret track, I start speaking at 1.08 minutes so keep listening beyond the intro music... Enjoy! 

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