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Body Calm is the meditation technique that uses the mind-body connection to help the body to heal and stay healthy.

Body Calm helps you to have a calm mind and a condition-free body. It works by giving the body the rest it needs to recover while bringing greater harmony within the mind, body, soul and life. You are given a masterclass in the interconnectedness within your thoughts, emotions and body. You will also discover the common mind-based causes of stress, bad health and lower physical performance.  And will learn how improve your relationship with your body and why healing your unhealthy beliefs and reducing reactive resistance can help your body to be healthier and perform at optimal levels.  So if you want to help your body heal and perform at your best in business or sport, then this is the meditation technique that your body has been waiting for.

Sandy's Body Calm book and album are both no.1 bestsellers. 

"Sandy’s CALM techniques have enabled me to achieve a lightness, a calmer mind, a relief from stress and find harmony."

Sadie Frost, actor/producer and best-selling author of Nourish


By joining Sandy's Calm Clan you can be meditating with Body Calm within 10 minutes using his 3-step quick-start guide to meditation. You can also gain access Sandy's Body Calm online course. 

This course gives you the information and instruction you need to enjoy the big benefits of Body Calm. Consisting of 7 videos lasting between 60-90 minutes each, you will develop a deep appreciation of the connection between your thoughts, emotions, body and soul and learn how to use the Body Calm Meditation Technique and the Embodying Exercise. Help your body heal and stay healthy by joining the Calm Clan today!