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Day 2 of my meditation retreat on the Greek island of Patmos. Took this picture on the way to town today. Nice place, hey! I promised to give some updates... Since arriving we've been playing with watching life without thinking about it. To completely fill our attention up with the fullness of now and observe without commenting, interfering, judging or labelling. By doing so I'm noticing that there's no time or space for anything other than what's presenting itself, right now and that now is full and complete and doesn't need any improvements done to it by 'me'. That the right person to speak to, perfect things to say or do comes naturally and life flows more magically without me standing in its way.

Although this is not a new concept, actively playing with it more fully is leading to a brand new excitement and gratitude for the abundant universe in which we play. I've found the more I engage now without thinking about it, the less I engage with the mind-made version of who I think I am or should be. As a result, any stress, self-induced pressure and separateness is fading away to reveal an amazing sense of oneness. 

Day 5 on my meditation retreat on the Greek island of Patmos so it feels like time for a new update. The 80 meditation teachers here have been meeting twice every day and it's been amazing to hear the rich experiences everyone has been having by simply observing the present moment without thinking about it. Many have commented it's like coming home to the heart of Love. That the here and now is full of perfection, stillness, peace, awe and infinite potential. That there is so much joy and excitement in letting go and letting whatever wants to present itself to be presented in the present moment! And that any time the appearance of tension, stress and discomfort occurs, it's simply a wake up call to return to fully engaging the now once again.

Personally, my over-riding feeling is one of feeling blessed and lucky to be alive. By fully embracing what the moment has to give, there are countless reasons to be grateful and I hope reading this is a nice little reminder to let go of forcing life to be how you believe it should be. To rest back and tune into the moment without caring as much about what your mind happens to think about it. Beyond beliefs there is truth and beyond judgement there is Love. 


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