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I attended the Hay House I Can Do It Conference in Denver last week and wanted to share some of the insights I gained from three inspiring authors including Cherly Richardson, Dr Christiane Northrup and Robert Holden. Cheryl started her keynote speech with a power invitation 'to let go of the good to make space in your life for great'. This really hit me because it is all too easy to settle for the averagely good in our lives to the point that we can forget to go for the amazingly great. 

She went on to say that we won't always know what the 'great' is until we let go of the good and it may take time for the new to show up. So we need to 'make patience our spiritual practice' and if we are no longer passionate about what we have or what we are doing, then we need to be willing to let it go to make room.  Cheryl ended her talk with a powerful question: What are you tolerating? Yikes!  Again, this hit me between the eyes and I hope it inspires you too to go for what you really want in life.  

Immediately after Cheryl left the stage, the 66 year old Dr Christiane Northrup danced on!  Christiane has helped millions of women with her best-selling book Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom. She began talking about all of the beliefs we've picked up along the way that are not serving us.  Beliefs relating to ageing, emotions and physical conditions.  Inviting us to move beyond the 'mangrove of our own conditioning', she highlighted the key reason why we tend to stay stuck in unhelpful mindsets as being the need to stay connected to the people we know and love.  However, if we want to live while we are alive then she shared a few traits of healthy people that live to 100 years or older.  

Firstly, healthy centenarians don't like to be around 'old people' - defining such people as ones that complain about their aches and pains and who are not looking forward to the future. Secondly, that centenarians know their biological age is much more important than the age on their birth certificate and that with the right attitude we can reverse your biological age.  To do this she said it was important to allow yourself to experience 'exalted emotions' (by being and doing what makes your heart sing), 'elevated cognition' i.e.  thinking thoughts that raise you up, and perhaps surprisingly, allow yourself to be 'righteous angry'.  By that she meant standing up for what is right when the innocence of yourself or anyone else has been violated. She said, with these 3 traits, your immunity will improve and it can help you live a healthier and happier life. (I recorded a guided meditation she did during her talk for accessing Divine Love - click below to listen now). 

And finally, I had the chance to watch Robert Holden do his workshop and closing keynote.  I love Robert and his style of teaching.  Amongst other great take aways, he reminded us that the quickest way to happiness is to love and be loved. That in the commercial world we live in, it's so important to remember that shopping is a pastime and not the purpose of our lives.  And that if we want to be happy then we need to 'grow out of the need to suffer', recognise that 'happiness happens when we least inspect it' i.e. when we stop thinking and analysing and get present.  And finally that happiness requires us to 'forgive the world for everything'.  Powerful words, I'm sure you will agree!

Robert ended the conference with a powerful keynote speech on Life Loves You.  During it he posed the question: 'What is it like to be me when I'm not judging myself?'.  If you try that one on for a moment I'm sure you will agree that life feels lovely when you do.  He also asked: 'How can I make it easier for life to love me more today?' and invited us to be open to receiving help.  That we are always supported by life, especially at times when it feels the opposite and if we accept life's invitations to step up and wake up that we will be guided into living with more happiness and love. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this article.  Remember to check out the meditation from Christiane (I recorded it on my phone while sitting in the audience so it's not the best quality, but well worth a listen nonetheless!).  And finally, if you want to listen to interviews from Robert, Christiane, Cheryl, myself and 100 other Hay House authors, then CLICK HERE for details about the Hay House World Summit happening in May 2015. 

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