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Symptoms most people consider to be physical problems can in fact be your body’s best attempt at staying alive. 


SURVIVAL IS THE PRIMARY GOAL OF THE HUMAN BODY.  It is not designed to just break, malfunction or get “sick” without good reason. Instead it is constantly doing everything in its power to adapt to, and sur- vive, the inner and outer conditions it is experiencing during daily life. This happens because your body follows the orders given to it by your mind. More specifically, the individual cells that make up your body are so intelligent they are constantly adjusting them- selves to the environment in which they think they exist.

Adapting to the Chemical Climate

It works like this: your mind interprets whatever is happening in the external environment and then your brain re- leases chemical messengers of your thoughts (neuropeptides) into the blood, which tell the cells what adjustments they need to make in order to best survive the perceived environment. So, in the same way you would adapt to a change in the weather when it rains by putting a rain jacket on, your indi- vidual cells adapt to their chemical climate and the different chemical messengers they are flooded with on a daily basis. Your mind–body is communicating this way now. The millions of cells that make up your body are listening to your mind and re- sponding accordingly. This means that if you are, for example, be- ing loving, your heart is quite literally experiencing love. If you feel unsupported, your knees feel it physically. Or if you’re feeling fear, your entire body is on physical red alert, with the fight-or-flight response working overtime. Physical symptoms are often highly symbolic of issues at the mind level; the body does a brilliant job of speaking the mind.

LET’S EXPLORE Your Body Speaks Your Mind
Consider how your body may be speaking your mind through the creation of your current physical condition. Just for now, let go of any medical labels you may have been given, and instead, explore the physical condition from a fresh perspective. Very useful ques- tions to consider are:

  • What is happening within my body, i.e. what is my body actually doing?

  • How might the physical conditions be an attempt to adapt, be safe and/or survive my past or current life circumstances?

  • If the physical condition was trying to send a symbolic message to me, what might it be saying?

  • If the physical condition was a negative emotion, what emotion would it be?

  • How might my body be mirroring my life?

  • Taking account of what’s happened in my life, how might my body today be a physical manifestation of my past?

  • What was happening in my life during the 12–18 months leading up to when I first noticed the physical condi- tion? What bad things were happening? What good things were happening? What problematic situation was resolved?

This is an awareness-raising exercise; it gives you the opportunity to explore whether there may be any possible mind-based causes for your physical condition. If you think you’ve found a possible cause, then hopefully the rest of this book can help you take positive steps towards self-healing.