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The Result of Regular Resistance

Although short bouts of stress can actually boost immunity and raise levels of cancer-fighting molecules, being in a perpetual state of stress is a very different story. Your body ends up turning off long-term building-and-repair projects, and instead speeds up the aging process and weakens its immunity. Not only that, numerous scientific studies have also found evidence that firmly links negative emotions with the onset of arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, cancer and other problems.

According to Stanford University Medical School, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta (CDC) and numerous health experts, the main cause of health problems on the planet is stress. Pointing to one very simple strategy for self-healing: To increase health, we must reduce stress.

The Root Cause of Stress

However, in my opinion it is neither the stress nor negative emotions that are the ultimate cause of many physical and emotional problems. Rather, it’s a person’s resistance to life that is the problem. Resistance not only causes the body stress but is also highly instrumental in whether or not a person feels negative emotions.

Experiencing anger, sadness, fear, guilt or grief is only possible if you resist something in your past, present or future. Anger or sadness is usually the result of resisting something in your past, whereas resisting the possibility of something bad happening in the future usually causes fear and anxiety. Irrespective of the emotion, resistance is the underlying cause.

What makes things worse for the body is the fact that most people would prefer to not experience negative emotions, and so end up resisting not only life but their emotions too! I often see this leading to a never-ending vicious circle of a person resisting more and more day by day, putting their body under ever-increasing levels of stress. No wonder this compounded stress often ends up with people experiencing physical disease!

Fortunately, it is never life events that cause you stress or make you feel bad, but rather your resistance to what’s happened/happening. Which ultimately means that you have a choice. If you can learn to let go of resistance, you can massively reduce stress and persistent negative emotions. They can be immediately replaced by feelings of inner peace, gratitude and contentment; which are, incidentally, emotions that have all been found to aid the healing process. 

Extract from HEAL THE HIDDEN CAUSE (Findhorn Press)