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'Wake Up to a Wonderful Life'


With Sandy (Sutratman) and Cristina (Maharani) 


2pm Monday 24th July to 12noon Friday 28th July 2017

Price: £449

* Non-residential rate. Prerequisite: Ascension 'First Sphere' Course - See below for how to learn.

Give yourself time to rest, meditate, learn and experience at a deeper level how to make Ascension part of your everyday life.

Join us for this intimate summer retreat in Brighton, England to dive deeper into the Ishayas' Ascension teachings and techniques.  Held at a 5* property just one minute walk from the beach, we will explore how to apply Ascension to all areas of life, from your health to your relationships and beyond.

The focus of this retreat is to 'Wake Up to a Wonderful Life'. Waking up is to be still, present and free. To go beyond the limitations of your thinking mind to fully embrace life as it is. Waking up is to discover who you really are - the underlying ocean of still silent permanent peace - that the mind will forever try to convince us does not exist. Waking up is about experiencing the underlying nature of reality and knowing oneness with the source of life. 

This retreat is for anyone who has already learnt to Ascend (by attending a First Sphere course). You will leave the retreat feeling more rested, being more present and excited to embrace the full spectrum of life. With Ascension we can discover what it means to be fully alive and this retreat is a rare opportunity to live more fully and free. 


The retreat space - where we will meet, ascend and eat together is a beautiful 5* property in Brighton, England. The price includes the teaching sessions and  2 new Ascension Attitudes (if you attended your First Sphere course more than 4 weeks prior to the retreat) . You will also receive your evening dinner on the Monday and lunch and dinner on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The retreat ends on Friday at noon.  


The retreat is non-residential, meaning it does not include your accommodation. This enables you to find a local hotel, B&B or airbnb that suits your preferences and budget. Or if you live locally, you are welcome to commute. If you arrive into Brighton on the Monday morning, you will require 4 nights accommodation. If you wish to share accommodation with another participant we can put you in touch with other attendees looking to do the same.


To attend this retreat you must have previously done an Ascension First Sphere course. We are hosting a First Sphere course in Brighton the weekend immediately prior to the retreat - Friday 21 July (7pm-9.30pm), Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 July (11am-6pm).  To book our First Sphere course in Brighton this July go HERE

Alternatively, you can find full course listings by visiting The Bright Path website HERE.



Spaces are limited to 12 attendees.

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