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Discover what it means to be truly alive.



The Ishayas’ Ascension offers a spiritual path of self-discovery for anyone seeking the direct living experience of inner peace, true happiness, freedom from problems and a life lived in the present moment.



In a survey of the worldwide Ascending community, here’s what the people who have been regularly practicing Ascension reported…

97% experience more peace, love and joy in their lives.

95% experience a stronger sense of meaning or purpose.

92% experience a greater level of confidence, productivity and improved decision-making.

91% experience improved communication, relationships and sense of connection.

88% experience an increased level of vitality, energy or wellness.

87% experience report more creative and innovative ideas

85% experience better sleep, feeling more rested or less fatigued.



Ascension offers both a timeless teaching and powerful way to meditate. The teaching invites you to live in the present moment, ‘be still now’ and wake up spiritually. The enjoyable meditation techniques help you to put the teachings into practice and experience higher states of consciousness.

Ascension is completely experiential and all about exploring the consciousness that exists within, while cultivating the ability to live consciously.

To learn Ascension, you will attend a live course called 'The First Sphere' - where you will learn four Ascension techniques along with the theory behind why they work and how to use them. These techniques are based in Praise, Gratitude and Love and are effortless to use, yet powerful to practice.

Sandy is an Ishaya monk and meditation teacher and has dedicated his life to being a peaceful presence in the world and sharing the life-changing impact of inner stillness.

Like the thousands of people who have already learnt, you can expect The First Sphere course to be inspiring and fun. The course is usually non-residential and happens over a weekend; from a Friday evening to a Sunday afternoon.

By the end of your First Sphere course, you will have everything you need for a self-sufficient practice that will enhance all areas of your life. And as an added bonus, you are welcome, and encouraged, to repeat the First Sphere course as often as you wish, anywhere in the world, for FREE! You are also given FREE on-going online support in the form of weekly webinars with the internationally community of Ascension Teachers.



Stress. Struggle. Suffering. Separation. Self-Violence. Conflict. Hurt. Loneliness. Insomnia. Anger. Anxiety. Frustration. Fear. Discontentment. Sadness. Shyness. Self-Doubt. Confusion. Constant Questioning. 


Contentment. Confidence. Clarity. Rest. Healing. Quiet Mind. Purpose. Empowerment. Intuition. Creativity. Love. Wonder. Joy. Connection. Freedom. Stillness. Silence. Presence. Awareness. Truth. Oneness. 



Sandy’s next course is happening 22-24 November 2019 in Milton Keynes, UK


Friday 22nd from 7pm to 9pm

Sat 23rd & Sun 24 from 11am to 5pm

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Ascension 'First Sphere' Course
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Sandy has been teaching Ascension since 2008 after completing a 6-month residential teacher training and offers courses both in the UK and abroad.

The Ishayas’ Teaching has its roots in both the East and the West. In the East it stems from the VedicTradition of India, the very tradition of Enlightenment itself. In the west it has roots in the Judeo-Christian culture of the early first century. The Tradition itself is many thousands of years old. It stretches over oceans of time in an unbroken lineage from Teacher to student, culminating most recently with Maharishi Sadasiva Isham, (M.S.I) who began teaching Ascension publicly again in the early 1990’s. Since that time, Ascension has spread almost exclusively by word of mouth, to all corners of the globe.


Being an Ascension Teacher and also the author/creator of Mind Calm and Body Calm, Sandy is occasionally asked what the difference is between the two techniques.  As he was originally trained in Ascension, quite naturally, the background theory and mechanics of the Ascension and CALM techniques have similarities. However, despite some surface level similarities, they are distinct methods - that serve different purposes and people.

Ascension is an ancient form of meditation with a long lineage of teachers who have taught the spiritual teachings and techniques of praise, gratitude, love and compassion.  It is the teaching of 'oneness', 'unity' and through regular practice, aims to heal the belief of separateness and any human experience of suffering. It is a path to liberation, he feels very fortunate to have found it, and it continues to have a hugely positive impact on Sandy's life.

Mind Calm is was created with the intention of appealing to a mainstream audience who want to benefit from meditation. It is appealing to people wanting to use meditation to reduce stress, perform at their best, stop their mind working overtime and feel more calm in daily life. 

Body Calm was created with the intention of appealing to people who know that stress and mind-based reasons may be the cause of their physical conditions or lack of vitality. The meditation technique that is included in the approach can help to disengage the fight-flight response, clean up the communications between the mind and body and heal the unhealthy beliefs that justify us to live in stress and become more susceptible to illness. 

If, having read this, you feel drawn to learn 'Ascension as taught by the Ishaya's of the Bright Path', then you should definitely attend an Ascension course. If you're still not sure, then maybe down to the simple fact that you've read this far, something within you is curious enough to move you towards learning how to Ascend.  And if you're still not sure which meditation to do - Ascension, Mind Calm or Body Calm - then flip a coin and trust that the universe will guide you towards the technique that's right for you!

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