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  • Quieter Mind + Consistent Inner Calm
  • Use Your Mind as a Powerful Tool
  • Clarity, Focus + Decision Making
  • Self-Esteem + Unstoppable Confidence
  • Contentment + Life Satisfaction
  • Improved Performance at Work + Play
  • Be in the Moment (not Past + Future)
  • Enhanced Intuition + Access to Wisdom
  • Live from your Aware Self (not Mind Self)
  • Connected + Loving Relationships
  • Access Creativity Without Limits
  • Better Quality Sleep + Deeper Rest
  • Less Stress + Tension in the Body
  • True Emotional Freedom
  • Healthier + Happier Relationship with Life
  • Heal the Hidden Causes of Problems
  • Physical Healing and Optimum Health
  • Life Purpose + Enjoyable Daily Practice 

Alison Taylor

"I've left constant back pain behind and never felt more free, joyful and calm."

Steve Watkins

"Happiness, peace and love... you name it, you can get it!" 

John Graham

"I can catch myself when I'm caught up thinking and let it go. It has given me a real sense of serenity."

Maya Carrington

"My body feels healthier, my relationships have improved and I've found a joy that I didn't know existed."

Sandra Power

"Calmology has changed my life and given me more joy and peace than I ever thought possible."

Annette Henry

"Before using CALM I had chronic insomnia and anxiety but now I sleep great and have no anxiety!"