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I recently ran my Mind Body Calm Retreat at Champneys Spa in England and I'm feeling inspired to make the life-changing experience available to everyone! So I've decided to run a free SUMMER OF CALM webinar series to introduce you to some of the powerful teachings and techniques that I share on my retreats. Click the button below to register for the SUMMER OF CALM webinar series and be able to attend live or watch the replays.

Then in August, for the first time ever, I'm going to run a Mind Body Calm Online Retreat on the 19th and 20th August (costing 80% less than my residential retreats or free to Calm Clan members). CLICK HERE for more details and to register for my online weekend retreat.

Webinar 1 Replay : Holiday from your Head

Webinar 2 Replay : Can't Meditate Won't Meditate

Up Next + Coming Soon

Session 3 : Wednesday 26th July @ 8pm BST

The Healing Power of Calm

Session 4 : Wednesday 2nd August @ 8pm BST

To Be Confirmed.



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