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Sandy's Mind Detox book is a no.1 bestseller

Sandy's Mind Detox book is a no.1 bestseller

MIND DETOX is the personal transformation technique that heals the hidden causes of physical, emotional and life problems.  

It works by discovering and resolving the unhealthy beliefs that are negatively impacting your health, wealth and happiness.  The Mind Detox Method enables you to find the significant emotional events in your life when your core unhealthy beliefs were first formed. It then helps you to get peace with these past events so that you are no longer justified to feel any negative emotions in relation to what happened. Due to the mind-body connection, we find the body is more able to heal naturally when unhealthy beliefs are resolved. And because your beliefs determine how you feel and the life choices you make, it is also common that people using Mind Detox find it easier to enjoy more peace and prosperity in their life too.  

Mind Detox does not require you to dwell on painful memories and can be a very comfortable and enjoyable technique to use. 

The Mind Detox Method includes a simple yet highly effective approach, so that peace, health and happiness are attainable states for us all.
— Yoga Magazine