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Calm Cure brings conscious calm to where there has been unconscious conflict.

New book out May 2017

Calm Cure is the latest development in the world of CALM. Based upon the observation that physical disease, emotional unease and persistent life problems are ultimately caused by unseen inner conflict and that anytime life is experienced as problematic, a person is caught in a conflict between something they don’t want (i.e. they are resisting) and something else that they think they need (i.e. they are attached to).

Conflict creates dis-ease within the body and causes you to create the same old life problems over and over again.  

Being in conflict with yourself and life creates disharmony and distress. As long as you are engaged in a habitual fight with life you will find the inner harmony you need for health and happiness will elude you. Calm Cure is a powerful technique that can be used to rise above resistances and appease attachments and in doing so calm the hidden conflicts causing physical  condition, emotional issues and persistent life problems.  Using the Calm Cure to clear conflict from your life empowers you with the ability to wake up to wellness and enjoy a truly successful life, one that you love fully.