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Experience 1:1 Coaching with Sandy - 'the mind maestro' (Psychologies), 'the guru of modern-day meditations (Red), and 'one of the most effective holistic therapists of the decade (OM Times).

WHY WORK WITH ME:  I have thousands of hours of 1:1 clinical experience, having coached hundreds of individuals through the principles and techniques shared within my books. Using the Mind Detox, Mind Calm, Body Calm and Calm Cure techniques, I'm known for quickly getting to the heart of the hidden causes of any issues people face and help them to take their personal and/or professional life to the next level.

My coaching can liberate you from the unseen habits of your mind - that are limiting your health, life enjoyment and success - so that you can experience more calm, clarity, confidence, connection and contentment in daily life. 

WHAT WE WILL DO: I will teach you meditation and use my proven techniques on any issues you are dealing with. Using what I will share with you, I've gone from being a chronically anxious guy diagnosed with dyslexia to being a no.1 bestselling author, award-winning speaker/trainer and enjoy a wonderful life. If I can do it, you can too!

HOW WE MEET: Over the course of 4 Skype consultations I will show you how to stress less, be healthier, and live with purpose and positivity. Our work will be deep, profound and empowering. 

HOW MUCH? The cost of a 1:1 coaching package is currently £995. Including 4 Skype consultations with me plus 6 months Calm Clan membership.

LIMITED SPACES: Due to my writing, speaking, academy and Calm Clan commitments, my 1:1 coaching availability is limited. I currently have space for a couple new coaching clients who are genuinely committed to making positive changes. Please book below.


' I learnt a range of great tools for bringing more calm, peace, love and fulfilment into my daily life.  Being able to use the techniques with my eyes open really helps me to be present.  I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to learn this simple yet incredibly powerful methods.' Sandra Powers, Canada

'Sandy is the best teacher I've worked with and I've worked with a few of the big names. His training comes from the heart, without ego and with a lot of fun thrown in. If you only did one thing to improve your life I would recommend this. I promise it will be enlightening!' John Graham, Ireland

'The best gift I have received in my life allowing me to move from boring days at work waiting for the weekend to come to having fun and excitement about life every day. It is really unique due to the fun and nurturing way that it is taught.' Martin Tsachev, Bulgaria

'Sandy is a fantastic teacher and you can rest assured that when you enrol on this unique and profound course you will definitely be given all the tools, support and knowledge you need. I highly recommend on both a professional and personal level.' Noelia De Mata, Milan, Italy